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Eye of the tiger. Nevet gets old.

The Eye of the Tiger ---Sooo funny! :) My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Supernatural Moment! Love this episode! I choreographed a dance for this song in one of my classes and the only thing I thought of was this episode the entire time!

Jensen Ackles - Eye of the Tiger (Ojos de Tigre) SUPERNATURAL

Supernatural-Eye of the tiger ^^ OMG! I love him! The camera guys are laughing in the background. How doesn't love him doing Eye of the Tiger.


The Road So Far Sam Dean Castiel supernatural - that hurts my heart

"I don't cry, I'm dead inside. Yeah, tears of joy when it was over." "Oh, I cried during Bobby's episode, Death's Door. Because it's okay to cry and be a man!


Party On, Garth & Season Seven, Time For A Wedding - Garth appreciation post


I pray to Castiel to get his feathery ass down here. But after dean said stay positive Sam said I am positive