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bastiat the law - Google Search

As someone leaning 98% Libertarian, I enjoyed this chart. This part is the best of both sides. "Can't we all just get along" : #libertarian #in_a_nutshell #info_graphic #pie_chart (Old article but gives a great visual perspective showing that libertarians believe in the best of both sides)

Libertarianism visualized

Individual Liberty: Government exists to protect the rights of the individual in his/her unique “pursuit of happiness”

I am free because I say so!

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Not just a pretty face- a REAL ROLE MODEL. Forget the drugged up sex symbols, THIS is a REAL WOMAN. Marilyn Monroe needed help. Audrey Hepburn could have probably done a good job with her

Lemmings headed off a cliff

Waiting For The Fiscal Cliff

Elephants and Asses screwing the masses

A brief but astonishing report on the Benghazi Terrorist attack is explained in detail with history inside pictures on this Web page.