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I don't wanna say its hot in my room. but two hobbits just came around and threw a ring in it Summer in Europe

Second breakfast

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White Cow Rock Art

Rock Art On Earth Draws Scientists to Ancient Lakes


"In Honor of Our African Ancestors at the Bottom of the Atlantic" Vicissitudes Underwater Sculpture - Grenada, West Indies Artist Jason de Caires Taylor, with Johanna Fernandez , Ari Merretazon and Tina Varick.

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The New Yorker - Saturday, July 1946 - Issue # 1117 - Vol. 22 - N° 22 - Cover by : Ludwig Bemelmans

Swimmers would float in the high salinity of Australia's Lake Hillier (Credit: Credit: Liqeni Hillier/Wikipedia)

World’s most bizarre natural phenomena

Discover Lake Hillier in Australia: An Australian lake whose pink hue defies scientific explanation.

I got to go to the hobbiton set for Christmas and since I live in NZ I got to go to the movie

The Hobbit. It's a bit odd to see an oar outside a hobbit's house since hobbit doesn't usually go into water, do they?i thought they were bad swimmer (?) although smeagol and deagol did go fishing, also frodo's parents died drowned. So confusing hm