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This needs to be a wake up call to some people out there.

You say you're sorry you hurt me but you don't get that you're hurting me everyday. The pain isn't in the past, it's everyday, because I know you don't care about me anymore and you're off with another guy. You didn't try to fix things you just left like I meant nothing. You're not sorry at all

Don’t Apologize If You’re Going to Continue the behaviour you need to apologize for!


I don't trust easily So when I tell you I trust you please don't make me regret it

Read Complete I get jealous. I get mad. i get worried. i get curious, that’s only because i care.

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Or put the code as your phone number, like mine <3

Fake Boyfriend Picture quotes - A fake boyfriend puts a lock on his phone, but a real boyfriend would say hey baby, can u read that text for me. Read more quotes and sayings about Fake Boyfriend Picture.

Mind ur own

Not poetic per say, but it rings pretty fucking true :p

story of my life :)

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