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NASA/Lockheed Martin Supersonic Green Machine. A lot of design to stremline

NASA/Lockheed Martin Supersonic Green Machine, plane of the future? This an illustration.

写真: Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning

redjeep: “The business end of a Lockheed Martin F 35 Lightning II…” assembled, in Italy, 10 km from my home

A U.S. Navy Grumman F-14 Tomcat, a carrier based interceptor aircraft.

S Navy Grumman Tomcat, a carrier based interceptor aircraft, USA


General Dynamics Fighting Falcon, Lockheed Martin Raptor and Lockheed Nighthawk: Airplanes Jets Helicopters, Aviation, Military Aircraft, F Fighter Jets

Mi-24 Hind D. I have the sudden urge to launch an RPG at this and scream "Wolverines!"

High Sport from McLaren yellow sports car "Have you seen her car!" Amazing simple divine photo of the perfect car! Hind D

ArtStation - Independence Day: Resurgence - VFX concept design, Johannes Mücke

VFX concept design for the alien AI arrival / space ship / retrieved wreckage piece

What a sonic boom looks like -- how cool is this?

Sonic Boom

The bow shock-wave - very high subsonic flight, just below the speed of sound. Some surfaces of the aircraft are already supersonic - there is local supersonic flow. The mass condensation occurs in the low pressure area directly behind the bow shock-wave.