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I'm sorry for flooding your Pinterest feed with pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch but not sorry enough to stop.

To all my friends out there who are secretly hating me for filling up their feeds with his face.

I love how Anderson is basically the sherlock fandom. Like they just took everything from tumblr and made Anderson sat it

My heart melted when he said this.--- Also hes wearing a longer coat like Sherlock and he wears Jumpers like John! Hes just a major fan-boy. I hated Anderson in Season 1 & 2 but I started to like him in Season

Be impeccable with your word. If everything you say egomaniac, bullshit, then you need a reality check.

I feel like sassy pictures of john watson should be a meme by now -John by Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch

This face reminds me of Eddie Izzard for some odd reason. In fact, pilot Sherlock in general does. Can't put my finger on it.

I am a ridiculous man...

I am a ridiculous man...

rossshields:  “Emma Appleton @ d1  ”

rossshields: “Emma Appleton @ d1 ”

Just 100 Freaking Hilarious Memes About The Marvel Movies

Benedict Cumberbatch. -  cool thing is, one can't tell if he is dressed for a role or dressed for an event!   (That's an exaggeration but true!)

benedict cumberbatch gq anniversary exhibition 02 Benedict Cumberbatch suits up while attending the GQ Anniversary Exhibition on Tuesday (November at Phillips De Pury in London, England.