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Watching the giants

Every vantage point was taken on the waterfront as the giants passed by :)

Riding the carousel

Selfie's are all the rage these days aren't they? This was travelling pretty fast so I was lucky to get this :)

City life

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The locks of love

There are now so many of these padlocks on the Liverpool waterfront that it's hard to know which ones to photograph! So I've just done a collage of a few of my favourites :)

Albert Dock

I never tire of walking here or taking pictures of it.

Exeter Cathedral

Speedy Travels took him to Exeter this week to make some important same day document deliveries. Whilst he was there he enjoyed visiting Exeter Cathedral and the Exeter Canal. The city sits within .


I'm not quite sure what this superlambanana represents at the Pier Head. A frog.a radio.