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Rejtélyes Fa Limpopoban - Toochee

Shangrala's Family Fun - Disney Tree Of Life with links of sites for friends and family.

limpopo trees - Google keresés

AMAZING SOUTH AFRICAN TREE R/ Looks normal from a distance.but take a closer look. The mystery is nobody knows who the artist was! It amazing how someone can actually carve and sculpture like this and not kill the tree!

Bruno Torfs varázslatos szoborkertje

In the forest near Marysville km from Melbourne, Australia) The work of sculptor Bruno Torfs. Bruno’s Art & Sculpture Garden is opened to the public.

Rejtélyes Fa Limpopoban - Toochee

old tree carvings, apparently 500 years old in africa. artist unknown and lost in time. anyone knows more?

Cottingham Fairy Tree Completed « Allen Stichler – Wood Carving

Page खड़े पेड़पर पर कलाकारी.

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This is the World’s Longest Wood Carving. It was Made from a Single Tree Trunk / of 7 Photos

különleges fatörzs faragások - Google keresés

Amazing chainsaw-carved wooden sculptures by world famous wildlife sculptures artist, Randall D.