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Witty Quotes

OMG!! This is soooo true & accurate my love!!! I miss you soo much when you are beyond the reach of my lips!!

it's difficult because i am over here and you are over there and when i'm with you hours feel like seconds and when i'm without you days feel like years. Oh my sweet love I long to be in your arms.


"When I am silent, I have thunder hidden inside." ~ Rumi perhaps this is why I find thunder & lightning so natural and powerful yet comforting

Love or loneliness?

Until you get comfortable with being alone, you'll never know if you're choosing someone out of love or loneliness. -Mandy Hale (or fear of being alone.

There are so many days lately where I find myself saying "Wow, just wow, why did I never see this before?"  Maybe this is why?

Watch for the TRUTH, not for what's easy. The person watching or listening to something might be brainwashed!

The people who stand beside you WITHOUT flinching - - THEY are your family.

The people are there for you no matter what, they are a true family. So happy to have so many people in mine and not necessarily by blood :)

They'll make an effort, not an excuse

When someone truly cares about you they make an effort, not an excuse! sad to realize no one truly cares since no effort has been shown