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Beautiful shot..

Beautiful shot..

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cup of bitty sloth 💕 ☕️ ~ Wildlife conservationist and photographer Sam Trull offers an intimate (and downright adorable) look at what it's like to hang out with sloths all day.


As a wildlife conservationist in Costa Rica, Sam Trull has captured numerous photos of baby sloths, which she is featuring in a new book entitled "Slothlove." (The Sloth Institute/Sam Trull)

World's smallest deer, the pudú.

It's just a pudu - the smallest species of deer in the world. It's so cute, our hearts hurt. A pudu - world's smallest deer species


The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is celebrating the birth of a male giraffe calf, born Friday, Nov.

Happy Half-Birthday Baby Elephant

Funny pictures about Happy Half-Birthday Baby Elephant. Oh, and cool pics about Happy Half-Birthday Baby Elephant. Also, Happy Half-Birthday Baby Elephant photos.