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Suga - he wears more eye makeup than I do, but he's still my bias haha

Give me the link I need it rn

Give me the link I need it rn

Vkook... What clothes do you wear when you sleep?

I love that half of them just casually admits that they like to sleep naked like?

This makes me cry. Tae Tae just wanted to make his grandma proud. I'm sure she was already extremely pleased with the great things he'd done already.  -@BeautyandthePoet

Be strong tae, everythings gonna be okey, keep smile and believe that your grandma always love you nomatter what.

Omg I was wonderin what they were doing for so long XD

There's all this Attack on BTS and Attack on Seventeen Im lost. I mean SNK or better known as AOT was a good anime and the second season already came out or is coming out later this month