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~Let's Go Shopping In London! | House of Beccaria#

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British vs American- never know when this might come in handy for a character, so I'll post it here

You sound like you’re from London…

Funny pictures about You sound like you're from London. Oh, and cool pics about You sound like you're from London. Also, You sound like you're from London.

You know you're British When...

Being British Means - Win Picture. Flip American for British and voila you've got me.

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Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.

In German: Fernweh:  Literally "farsickness" or "longing for far-off places", as contrasted with Heimweh (“homesickness, longing for home”).

"Fernweh" is a German words and there is no English translation for, so basically it means that you want to escape from home and everyday life to go traveling, which is perfect for people like me who suffer from wanderlust.