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Thank God for improvisation. :D

Supernatural ~ Yet, another fantastic SPN moment that wasn't scripted, Misha wan't paying attention, so Richard intervened

“You too Cas.”

I like to think that it is not because it is Crowley but because he wants to sit with Cas. >>>>>>> Dean: My boyfriend sits in the passanger sit (when Sam doesn't). So shut the hell up, Crowley. Castiel: That's my boyfriend. Suck it, Crowley

I love how oblivious cas is to things like that, he is just so pure it goes right over his head, just like Tom Hiddelston

Haha look at Sam's face, it's like he's enjoying the thought of them three having a slumber party and Dean and Cas would braid his hair and they would talk about their feelings all night.

"The fact that they even give him a cell   phone..." I love Sam's face in the second picture.

Castiel vs. technology…

"The fact that they even give him a cell phone." I love Sam's face in the second picture. I'm doing this to my voicemail ^~^


"I think I'm gonna finish season 3 tonight, but I feel like I've been spoiled. I mean, the show has more than 3 seasons, so obviously Dean can't die." I thought the same thing when I started watching supernatural a while back!

Best thing ever

33 Real Lines From "Supernatural" That You Can't Believe Aired On TV// my love for gabriel cannot be expressed in words.I loved Gabriel so much, he didn't have nearly enough time on the show.

This can't be good...

I wear your dead dad's clothes. I looked incredible. I wear your dead dad's clothes, from that small grave 6 feet down.


"The spn fandom scares me". Well one day we may save your life so shut your cakehole