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red eyes

red eyes

Can't you see it in their eyes? They tell you they're fine but inside, they're burning and screaming to get out. How do I know? Look at their eyes.

red eyes cast no shadow

Scary Demonic lady, SFX Demon makeup effect / Pairs great with possessed or black sclera special effects contacts => http://www.pinterest.com/pin/350717889705707881/

Deranged nurse makeup with red, blue and purple veining, white over top, red "heroin" eyes, and light blue shading

Okay, So i know it looks creepy but it just looks mesmerizing (At least for me) Thinking about it next year, especially because i can wear

Halloween Makeup Ideas For Creepiest Halloween 2015

Halloween doesn't only have to be for children, these days if you're a grown adult still looking to create a creepy and scary Halloween idea, these 76 Of The Creepiest Halloween Makeup Ideas will have you frightening your friends away this Halloween!

zombie makeup

I'm thing Nightmare Before xmas Sallie for Halloween. :)How To: Glam Zombie Halloween Look with THREE Costume False Eyelashes



Amazing day of the dead makeup using Sugar pill cosmetics

Halloween make up special effects - green zombie/sugar skull

As someone with a problem with anything to do with eye, this really freaks me out! I am loving this look though and I think would e really striking with a horror bride or vampire Halloween costume.

Complete List of Halloween Makeup Ideas (60+ Images)

Check Out 20 Vampire Halloween Makeup To Inspire You. Vampire makeup can be a fun and easy costume to make and requires materials.

I don't usually go for the gore effects, but this one is worthy of note.   DArk Oak.  Liquid latex, toilet paper, Ben bye nose and scar wax, fake blood

I dont usually go for the gore effects, but this one is worthy of note. Liquid latex, toilet paper, Ben bye nose and scar wax, fake blood

Follow The White Rabbit by NanFe.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Hello dears my name is, Jane. Jane bloodbath, (( nickname)) I love blood, every color, black -white red -purple. I just love the taste I am a vamp \ angel an unholy child of God that is here to take the lives of the believers

Zombie makeup; looks so real..

Halloween Makeup and Costumes

The Halloween Edit: Best (+Easy) Makeup Ideas To Try This Halloween. Go for the boldest makeup you dare, the weirdest costume you can find, the scariest party you stumble upon and most important: make it worth remembering!

Halloween Makeup: Zombie Prom Queen..

I like the veins coming from the eyes on this zombie. I think veins add to the realness of the zombie skin but I would personally do them in a dark purple if I was to do veins on my zombie look.

Horror gore blood zombie demon girl fff black eyes scalar contacts colored scary halloween costume makeup

Love the blood makeup

I like the the texture of the skin on this, and the red eyeliner on the…

I like the the (texture of the skin) on this, and the red eyeliner on the waterline gives the effect of irritated and inflamed eyes.