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Of course my farm will have a clothesline and I'll have pretty linens like these to hang. I use to hate hanging clothes up to dry. Now I'd love to do this.

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[Corn poppies (Papaver rhoeas) and bachelor buttons/cornflowers (Centaurea cyanus)]country fence and wildflowers. Wow I wonder where those wildflowers grow !

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My uncle used to have this special hen that laid eggs with twin yorks everyday. What a luxury to have been served fresh, twin york eggs every morning.

Annual Photograph your childrens' most worn clothing on clothesline for keepsake (wish I started this when they were younger)

Remember hanging out clothes to dry on the line? Then rushing to get them in if it started raining? There was a RIGHT way to hang them, mom taught us. These dresses are NOT hung correctly and mom is spinning in her grave.

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Life Is Better On The Farm Distressed Wood Sign-i would love this in brown!