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Super Game Boy 2

Super Game Boy 2

Nintendo Game Boy Evolution

My Evolution Nintendo Game Boy Minimal Poster Art Print


30 Awesome Teenage Boy Bedroom Ideas

I remember someone from school having a Gameboy really early on. On a school trip to London we all huddled round to watch him play Tetris (we had an inferior version on our PC) and Alleyway. It took years to get one for myself. Then it got thieved. I think.

13 Valuable Things You Didn't Know Were in Your Home

Nintendo Game Boy - The ORIGINAL version. Ah, hours of playing Tetris, Boxcel, and The Little Mermaid. And borrowing Super Mario Brother's Six Golden Coins from the neighbors! So much fun! Still got it dont think it works. My gameboy pocket works though

From FreezerBoy:  Make your refrigerator look like your favorite 80's video game console with the FreezerBoy magnet set! Available for fridges of all size

These Refrigerator Magnets Will Turn Your Fridge Into a Classic Game Boy

Game Boy Refrigerator Magnet Transforms Any Fridge Into A Nintendo Shrine

*:・゚✧ Nintendo GameBoy Color - Light Purple Console ✧・゚:*  I'm pretty sure that this is the color my son had.

Game Boy Color System Clear Purple This Nintendo Game Boy Color handheld unit and all its games and accessories are fully refurbished, cleaned, and tested. The Game Boy Color will play original Game B

hama bead gameboys

Old School Gamer Magnets

Finally found a use for all those left over melting beads I was obsessed with when I was Must find something to back them with though. - I'd want to do this and try to make Super Mario characters!<--- what a cool idea!

Make your fridge look like a giant Gameboy!  Makes me wish I had a white fridge (Never thought I would say that!)

Fridge magnets that make your fridge look like a giant Gameboy--hecks yeah!

Nintendo, Game Boy, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Tetris, Gameboy Coffee Mug, Video game mug

Nintendo, Game Boy, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Tetris, Gameboy Coffee Mug, Ceramic Mug, Video game mug

Start the day off right by powering up your morning with caffeine out of this Nintendo Game Boy mug. This ceramic mug is designed to look like an old school Game Boy while depicting a scene from the classic Legend of Zelda video game. -For Drew