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Good morning beautiful kind to yourselves!

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Motivational Monday & Makeover — The Blonde Chiffon : A Lifestyle Blog by Holly Habeck

Motivational Monday & Makeover

100 percent MENTAL!

"your fitness is mental. your body won’t go, where you mind doesn’t push it"

May Motivation - Candice Elaine

May Motivation

In the social media age, I think this is an important thing for people to keep in mind. Don't let comparison steal your joy and purpose!

Inspirational Quotes For Little Ones.

Inspirational Quotes For Little Ones.

you won't always be motivated // follow us @motivation2study for daily inspiration

Pity party post So this week I have fallen out of love with the process. Last night I sat and had a long hard think about whether I want to carry on or not. I feel as if I will never get to where I want to be be good enough or have what it takes. I am sur