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Symboter -- Electronic City (1982 Experimental Electronics)

Symboter -- Electronic City (1982 Experimental Electronics)

deadmau5 :) #deadmau5 #edm

Clockwork gamma drift gliding in man cave ware house dubstep dance

▶ Doctor Who Theme Tune 1963-1969 by Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire ...Delia Derbyshire was an early pioneer of electronic music...never knew that. This is the original "Dr. Who" theme...way creepier than the new one

For all her influence among dance music composers and sound effects wizards, Delia Derbyshire and her music remain pretty obscure---that is except for one composition, instantly recognizable as the original theme to the BBC’s sci-fit hit Doctor Who.

"White Lines - Don't Do It"  by Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five.  This was an unofficial music video directed by then New York University film student Spike Lee and starred actor Laurence Fishburne as the drug dealer. As for the quality, remember there was no HD, or crystal clear clarity with those 8mm cameras.

CityOf StCatharines 1 second ago StCatharines why? Grandmaster Flash - White Lines askEddy or Karen. GardenCityDrugsCopsPorn and PedoTraffic AllFor Polititians to FreeBase,,

Room(s) [LP] - Vinyl

Room(s) [LP] - Vinyl

Machinedrum - The Statue from Room(s) [Planet Mu, Footwork.

Klaus Schulze Live - WDR Köln 1977 - www.remix-numerisation.fr - Rendez vos souvenirs durables !

Klaus Schulze Live - WDR Köln 1977 - www.

DELIA DERBYSHIRE - Sculptress of Sound documentary. The broadcaster and Doctor Who fan Matthew Sweet travels to The University of Manchester - home of Delia Derbyshire's private collection of audio recordings - to learn more about the wider career and working methods of the woman who realised Ron Grainer's original theme to Doctor Who.  Further details from http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00rl2ky

BBC Radiophonic Workshop: the shadowy pioneers of electronic sound

The Jazz Cover And The Vijay Iyer Trio

On The Jazz Cover: Reading Between The Lines

Flying Lotus - MmmHmm Flying Lotus in MmmHmm, featuring Thundercat. Directed by Special Problems. Commissioned by Warp Films.

Kas Product - Never Come Back (+lista de reproducción)

Kas Product - Never Come Back Sweet Mona Soyoc I need to tell you that I possess a ridiculous high physical or mental strength that allows me to continue doing something that start with the letter S for a long time

Nhar - The Swallow (Original Mix)

Nhar -- The Swallow (Original Mix)

Flying Lotus - Never Catch Me Feat. Kendrick Lamar #getstimulated #stimulateyoursoul

flying lotus kendrick lamar never catch me

The untouchable music of the theremin

Virtuoso Pamelia Kurstin performs and discusses her theremin, the not-just-for-sci-fi electronic instrument that is played without being touched. Songs include "Autumn Leaves," "Lush Life" and David Mash’s "Listen, Words Are Gone.

Old School Hip Hop Boomer

LL and Boomboxes

İlhan Mimaroğlu -- Bowery Bum (1966)

İlhan Mimaroğlu - Bowery Bum (Study After Jean Dubuffet)

Solid Space | New Statue | 1982

Solid Space | New Statue | 1982

Gaudi - Chaine a Chaine

Daria Semegen - Electronic Composition (from Electronic Music Winners)