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Orhun Giray on Twitter: "İranlı kadınlar başörtüsünün zorunlu olmasını protesto ediyor 1979 geç buldum,çabuk kaybettim.Hicran oldu hayat bana https://t.co/Sif3mZ4e0w"

Women protesting the forced Hijab in Iran days after the 1979 Islamic revolution

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Second Wave Feminism Quiz: While first-wave feminism focused on voting and property rights, Second Wave Feminism addressed which aspects of women's lives?

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Feminist movements aren't all about bra-burning; they're serious efforts to change the way we think about gender equality. Read about five feminist movements.

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A woman stands on a corner protesting unequal pay for women in Cincinnati, circa This Is What 100 Years Of Women's Protest Looks Like In The US

If World War One Was A Bar Fight

If World War One Was A Bar Fight

Funny pictures about If World War One was a bar fight. Oh, and cool pics about If World War One was a bar fight. Also, If World War One was a bar fight.

10 Images Reveals What Historical Figures Actually Looked Like

10 Images Reveals What Historical Figures Actually Looked Like

Just in case you're looking for a little motivation today.

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The gay rights movement that began in the has grown over the past couple decades and will earn gays/lesbians everywhere the right to marry after the Supreme Court deliberates in the summer of

Suffragettes with a Susan B. Anthony banner

"No self respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her sex." -- Susan B. Anthony, 1872 The conservative party wants to protect women and the unborn.

İran'da  8 Mart 1979'da Dünya Kadınlar Gününde toplanan yaklaşık 100.000 kadın, devrim sonrası dışarıda gezerken başörtüsü takmanın zorunlu olmasını protesto ediyor.  Approximately 100,000 women gathered in Iran on March 8, 1979 at World Women's Day are protesting that it is imperative to wear a headscarf while traveling outside after the revolution.

Hengameh Golestan’s best photograph: Iranian women rebel against the 1979 hijab law

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Roxie 6, is swung by her older sister Kaija Stafford 8, as they dance after joining with over a hundred thousand people from across Colorado marched from Civic Center Park in downtown Denver during the "Women's March on Denver" the day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump. January 21, 2017 Denver, CO.

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More than people gathered in Denver's Civic Center Park on Saturday, Jan. for the Women's March on Denver.

19 Facts of British History....that you probably could have lived without BUT enjoy!

19 Facts of British History

19 Facts of British History.that you probably could have lived without BUT enjoy! I love British history

These were the secret miners of World War One. This group of miners had a top secret job of digging up tunnels up to 100 feet underground. Their job was top secret because they would plant and explode mines below their enemy’s trenches. For example, at Messines Ridge in Belgium where over 900,000 pounds of explosives were set off in 19 underground tunnels. The explosions were heard 140 miles away!

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