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Gun Freaks Let's admit it, we sportsman are also a little gun crazy. We all have our favorite brands and calibers and sometimes can't shut.

New River Sports | Browning 1911-22LR Compact Pistol Desert Tan Composit Frame & Stocks $552.20

Browning Compact Pistol Desert Tan Composit Frame & Stocks - New River Sports - America's largest online firearms and accessories mall.

Gun History - American Firearms Institute

Gun History - From the invention of the gun to todays machine guns

The Well Armed Woman - Article - Dry Fire Practice For The Woman Shooter

Dry-fire Practice For The Woman Shooter

Composite Armor Board w/ Desktop Mount Ballistic Containment System- for dry fire practice

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Centurion Arms CMR upper with Mega Arms lower, Magpul, Trijicon ACOG, offset is from Vortex Optics. The light is a SureFire the blades are Gerber Gear. Photo by Stickman. I like the axe and am going to use it as an inspiration from a circular saw blade.

50 Greatest Guns: the firearms that shaped the world.

50 Guns That Shaped the World

Check out our list of the 50 greatest guns ever made.

Firearm Instructor Certification Training Course Part 1 of 4 (HANDGUN DRILLS) | How To Become A Gun Instructor, Where To Operate, Shooting Lesson & Techniques By Gun Carrier http://guncarrier.com/firearm-instructor-certification-training-course-part-1/

Firearms Instructor Certification Training Part 1 of 4

Looking for the best in firearm instructor certification? Watch this great series of videos by top former CIA agent, Jason Hanson, to get fully certified.

Double-barreled wheellock pistol circa (Photo Credit: Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Mosin Nagant the most fun you can have for $100. and ammo is cheap and plenty.

A clip fed weapon. See the bullets, no springs

How to build an AR-15 Speedloader for just a couple dollars

Here is a DIY speedloader that you can build for not a lot of money. Anyone that shoots on a consistent basis knows that reloading spent magazines can

First line of defence. Sniper rifles with a muffler gives long range defence.

First line of defence. Sniper rifles with a muffler gives long range defence.