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Child's Straw hat, ca. 1868, 19th century, US

Child's straw hat and girl's dress ensemble [hat], c. at the De Young Museum

Woman's hat  American, late 18th century to early 19th century

Flat straw hat covered with blue silk fabric, blue and white silk ribbon gathered around crown and tied in bow, white net trim around crown, white silk lining underneath. Late to early century.

Ca.1865 hat of .5cm wide straw plait handstitched in a spiral from center of crown. Brim faced w/ turquoise-blue ribbed silk, w/ separate head and side lining. Wired at edge of brim. Trimmed with twisted blue velvet ribbon and ribbed silk ribbon. Frill over brim of black machine lace and cream silk lace. Single blue ostrich feather over crown and a blue ribbon bow and streamer with a wide streamer of black lace. Snowshill Wade Costume Collection (National Trust).

Hat - straw plait wide handstitched through overlapping plait in spiral…

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Plain Flat Crown Hat~Plain with no added ties.Flat crowned straw hats are perfect garden hats for those who wear their hair in a bun and cannot fit a regular straw hat over it~ Sarah's Country Kitchen ~

Gainsborough style wide brim straw hat, c.1900

Gainsborough-style wide-brim straw hat with silk flowers, ostrich plumes, and black velvet ribbon trim, +