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Roland mixer, mine never looked this clean, still doesn't...

Roland mixer, mine never looked this clean, still doesn't.

Amplificatore Roland AC 33 per chitarra acustica.

Roland AC / DC Compact Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amplifier, New!

Roland MC-505

Roland My first synth so I have a special bond with it, and I know it better than any other piece in the studio, which helps me maximise its potential. Still find it great for sketching out ideas and these days have the mixing tools to sharpen it up

What outerspace pedalboard would be complete without a BOSS - RE-20 Space Echo Pedal?

One of the most beloved echo effects ever made, the Roland Space Echo, has been reborn as the BOSS Twin Pedal! Roland and BOSS have recreated every

Roland 180W KC-550 Keyboard Amplifier by Roland. $649.00. The KC-550 boasts 180 watts of powerful sound via a 15-inch speaker and horn tweeter. In addition to its four input channels, this flagship amp includes an Output Select switch for selecting the monitor sound destination, a Shape switch for quick sound adjustment and an XLR Line output for direct connection to a mixing console.. Save 24%!

roland kc keyboard amp, kinda old but loud as fuck, 150 watts


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Leopold FC660C Mechanical Keyboard

Leopold FC660C Mechanical Keyboard