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NETWOR Connection "Practicing Global Solidarity"

NETWOR Connection "Practicing Global Solidarity"

One face created with different skin tones. A group of people used to create one face.

Race is a category of people who have been singled out to be inferior or superior to others. We the people define race and can put a stop to it. We are all American-Americans.

anti-racism but not too heavy

in our societies, we should not treat people differently based on race.

This is what white feminism looks like>>> hello? I'm white, the palest thing you'd ever set eyes on but I still believe in feminism, and not what they listed, don't generalise or stereotype

25 Ways to make a Woman fall in Love with You This is what white feminism looks like

Diversity, Inclusion and an Informed Work Force Discourages Discrimination in any Form. Discrimination has many faces. Here are some to mull over.

Type of Discrimination #infographic

In my Utopia, there will be no discrimination. It won't be accepted. Everybody will be welcomed with open arms. If there is a person who is being discriminatory towards another, they will be immediately kicked off the island.

"One And The Same" By Malinda Prudhomme $101.00 - Ethnic Art, Racism, Multiculturalism, African Woman, Indian Woman, Acrylic Painting, Female Beauty

Life Is A Wonder - Abstract Art - ART PRINT - 8 x 10 - By Mixed Media Artist Malinda Prudhomme

Enjoy viewing a collection of artworks by Canadian Portrait Artist Malinda Prudhomme.

Well replied Robert Gozales!!! Intelligent and gracious reply to such an ugly, dumb question.

Black pride is about skin color. Also being proud of skin color isn't racist. Racism is prejudice toward skin color. pride does not equal prejudice.

Ya know, I don't believe I see in the pic where her DNA is mapped out. Who says she doesn't have Japanese in her culture? Who says she doesn't live in Japan? Or that she is not mixed race? Or perhaps her family is part of an exchange program and she had learnt part of another's culture? Judgmental pricks jumping to conclusion from an image that does not provide enough info to support said conclusion.

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