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Bast- egyptian goddess of cats, champion of Ra after Sekhmet / This depiction looks like my cat, Velvet, is being held by Bast.

DeviantArt: More Collections Like Nefertiti, Queen of Egypt by K-raven

Learn About The Robust And Attractive African Art - Bored Art

Learn About The Robust And Attractive African Art

Rainbow of art (pinned without author or title); beautiful color and memorable use of space

parappurathu: “Samere Tansley ”

parappurathu: “Samere Tansley ”

Livre : Cover / Jon Sprunk's Shadow's Master final cover art  / http://afantasyreader.blogspot.fr/2012/01/updates-lynch-got-fultz-williams-sprunk.html

Shadow's Master By: Jon Sprunk Publisher: Pyr Publish Date: March 2012 Format: Print, Genre: Fantasy .

Kim, Ji-Hyuck http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-I30MCgPhWE0/UW3j5IQ5unI/AAAAAAAAk58/JvSYRwYpaAw/s1600/Kim,+Ji-Hyuck(%EA%B9%80%EC%A7%80%ED%98%81)(hanuol)-%E3%82%AB...

Be gentle with everyone you meet--you have no idea what has happened to them on their life journey

awesome painting - http://leonidafremov.deviantart.com/art/AUTUMN-FOG-LEONID-AFREMOV-284281616

Fall Paintings Modern Bedroom Decor On Canvas By Leonid Afremov - Autumn Fog 3. Size: 20" X 36" Inches (50 cm x 90 cm)

Leonid Afremov Autumn Fog print for sale. Shop for Leonid Afremov Autumn Fog painting and frame at discount price, ships in 24 hours. Cheap price prints end soon.

Mega moon over the Pyramids

We must admit with humility that, while number is purely a product of our minds, space has a reality outside our minds, so that we cannot completely prescribe its properties a priori.