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13 'Frozen' Quotes That Will Totally Melt Your Heart

"Please don't shut me out again, please don't slam the door. You don't have to keep your distance anymore." - Anna / For the First Time in Forever reprise / Frozen

Anna's super powers

Anna has superpowers too! << this is a bit of a stretch. I mean, just cuz she's a girl who is strong that does not mean that it is superpowers, it just means that she is tough

I never thought about these two being stuck in Arendalle, they clearly would have been. This is hilarious

Frozen "Deleted Scene": What Rapunzel and Eugene were up to in Arendelle. I really hope this is real!

This makes so much more sense.  I don't know if this was studied out by Disney or if it was just chance.

I always thought it was weird how he just was so accepting to that troll telling him that she was gonna keep him. I'd be like, "Yo I have parents you know!

Frozen - Let me tell you a thing! The King and Queen of Arendelle loved their daughters more than anything, and tried their best to keep them both safe!


Disneyland - I love the happiest place on earth :). I saw this sign first when I was about 8 years old. A family road trip to Disneyland in California



Elsa and Anna part 2 @Chloe Wassman

I hate everyone. Imma go cry. Here, enjoy some Frozen feels and we can cry together

Frozen~ different Elsas -- yay in pinterest form now

The creators chose Elsa out if all of these other ones that were contenders for Frozens Elsa

way over-thinking Frozen

Elsa isn't just a queen. She's a badass queen with ice powers who can basically force any of the surrounding nations to do whatever she wants them to. All hail Elsa, the Snow Queen!

ELSA, YOU MEANIE!!! - 14 Frozen Jokes You’ll Only Understand if You’re Obsessed with Disney

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Lol more frozen humor. Although she was clearly remembering her & Anna building Olaf as children so it was the first thing she built upon removing her gloves, in honor of her sister.