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When Janey was diagnosed #autism #asd

When reading accounts of parenting children with autism, the moment that the family receives the autism diagnosis is almost always written a.

SEND Stars 12 #autism #asd

SEND Stars 12 #autism #asd

Its Not The Day For A School Play #autism #asd

Reception performed their school play this morning to their parents and the rest of the school. We went to school this morning and walke…

Has Autism turned me into a lazy parent? by Sons, Sand & Sauvignon

Has Autism turned me into a lazy parent

Parenting autism is tough, simple tasks can be a huge challenge. I give in too easily, I know but has autism turned me into a lazy parent?

Parents complain #autism #asd

Parents complain #autism #asd

The Discipline Solution For Back Talk That Actually Worked | Positive Parenting Connection

“May I please have two extra minutes to try and get across? I am just so close. If I can’t do it in two minutes, I will jump off, no matter what.” My son was referring to the monkey bars and …

Raising a Child on the Autism Spectrum: The Impact on the Family

A diagnosis of Asperger’s (AS) or High-Functioning (HFA) not only changes the life of the youngster diagnosed, but also that of parents .


Spectrum Sunday #29

What Matt Birk's parents did to turn him into an NFL Player.

My Parents Made Me Into a Professional Athlete