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Weeds of Hurt Beautiful but biting lines at the same time by Priya Patel that say...in this Eden garden of paradise granted to us by the Creator, there are roses and comes along with the sweetness of the package, a bunch of pokey thorns…there are trees, plants and flowers engulfed in beauty and serenity and comes along with this parcel of magnificence, a few irritating and spoiler shrubs and weeds… in paradise all exist…for they too are a creation of the Creator.   Copyright © Priya Patel

Butterfly Soup by Hannah Haag - When a caterpillar moves into its chrysalis it doesn't just sprout wings & become a butterfly: it dissolves into goop before it emerges as a whole new creature. So too do people change.

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Mouth of Flower - Octavio Ocampo This is good art because it is an optical illusion. It could either be just some flowers with a butterfly, or you can also see a woman's face. It is very creative in a subtle way.

Free Blessed With Joy eCard - eMail Free A Joyful Creation Greeting Cards Online

Free Blessed With Joy eCard - eMail Free A Joyful Creation Greeting Cards Online

altar boys, incense....Latin Mass smells and bells!

hard part altar boys, incense.Latin Mass smells and bells!

Christmas Tree Fb Cover Photo Facebook Cover

Here we are with some of the Beautiful Christmas Wallpapers For Desktop! So, are you exxcited? Were you looking for some Christmas wallpapers?

Cobalt Violet Lines by Marieta Maglas cast a spell binding reference to the awesome works of artistic paintings by Paul Gauguin in these lines, paint the vivid flowery colours of nature and Tahiti in all its splendour for the reader to behold.  Copyright © Marieta Maglas​. All rights reserved

Hibiscus tiliaceus - these leaves turn a beautiful deep purplish red

Paradise Lost A land so strikingly beautiful, a creation of wonder by the Gods…and sadly in a state of turmoil for years and years together…so peaceful and quiet – yet disturbed with disquiet, as the title signifies – a paradise lost; the lines by Perveiz Ali Sir painfully pen a hidden prayer to be read between the lines seeking the return of peace befitting paradise.  Copyright © Perveiz Ali

Paradise Lost For God’s sake! Bring back the glorious past, That of Heaven on earth so blessed. A paradise of peace with beautification worldwide, Oh God!

A Spring without Flowers When love calls, bells in the memory lane ring and echo remembrances, wishing for an everlasting longing of the heart to be fulfilled - for a spring is not a spring that springs without the bloom of flowers for the lines penned by Marieta Maglas.  Copyright © Marieta Maglas

If you were a spring without flowers, probably then all my trees would be lethargic. If you were a wind coiling without leaves, possibly all my trees would be already fallen, and if you were a sky …

Fresh Style from Under the Sea - Lovely beach wedding hair idea

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These hyper-realistic paintings by Spanish artist Josep Moncada Juaneda have me yearning for a refreshing dip in the pool. Take A Dip - Josep Moncada Juaneda