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Share for women's protection! Self defense is helpful for us ladies especially when travelling mostly alone. There's plenty of mean guys out there. Keep safe! 8 steps (unless you repeat step 8 twice;

Will somebody call this number !?!?! <<< I called it the guy said "yep sure is" I hung up before anything else could be said

As much as I want to try it, I'm scared my mom would beat me with the phone receiver for playing with the phone. Someone try it and comment if it worked


This is obvious. If you put your number in as a variable and work it out you can see the steps. If you read into more than just doing it these all come out by adding numbers. Yeah you could do this wth any number and it Xs two

Pin it NOW!!< WE ALL KNOW THE DRILL<<<< C'MON PEOPLE, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO!<<<< spread like fire>>I'm only doing it cause this person persuaded me too

I get what you're trying to do, but please stop posting it around as if being gay is wrong or disgusting. I'm not a belieber, they need to be stopped. But please don't post it saying it's wrong to be gay. Post it so beliebers freak out.

You Are Now Aware

You Are Now Aware

Funny pictures about You Are Aware Of Your Body Now. Oh, and cool pics about You Are Aware Of Your Body Now. Also, You Are Aware Of Your Body Now photos.

what the heck i can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you read it?

At first when i saw this i thought it was sign language, but then i saw the letters. It says, " If you can read this you are awesome." Comment and like if you can see it too.

I believe in god and all, but I've pinned things like this and its pointless. What does it matter that I repin it anyways?

Not pinning for the chain mail, but for the overall message of the pin. I think God could careless how many people you send it to , just that you trust in him . Not sure if it counts to just pin it on your biggest board.

I am really struggling to pick....I think yellow. But I must have complete control to switch it on and off!

This sounds like the beginning of a book. A select choice of people get sent to the room and get to choose one button. But they have to give up their memories or morals if they press it. anyways I would choose grey, blue or orange