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They are playing a new 5sos on the radio called She's Kinda Hot I think and I may die

5 Seconds of Summer / / Ashton Irwin / Luke Hemmings / Michael Clifford / Calum Hood

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! Sorry I didn't say it earlier.

Ashton looks like the serious dad and Michael looks like the cocky oldest brother who messes with his two lil brothers Clamu and Luke

5 seconds of summer! These guys are opening for 1D and they are pretty awesome!

5 Seconds Of Summer on

5 seconds of summer aka the thing that ruined my life.I couldn't love them more :D

Calum had to say it

5sos Adopted Me

Calum brought the bad news to Ashton's dream of being a banana


no caption needed

Mikey and ash are just syncronized. And lukes just being a princess. ❤️❤️❤ <<<<< Im Luke in this situation if i ever dance with a friend️