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Used Paperback Beezus And Ramona By Beverly Cleary

Used Paperback Beezus And Ramona By Beverly Cleary

★ Beezus and Ramona (Beverly Cleary was the first author that really engaged me as an independent reader. I love all the Ramona books!

31 Days of Read-Alouds: The Story of Ferdinand, a large, fierce looking bull who isn’t very fierce at all. | The Happy Housewife

31 Days of Read-Alouds: The Story of Ferdinand

Classic Books to Read With Your Son

Classic Books to Read With Your Son (Baby Gizmo Blogs)

okay guys!! i know someone besides me remembers and loved this book!! i had to upload it to pinterest!!

21 kids' books quotes you will absolutely love

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr and John Archambault- Cannot wait to read this to my children!

metrobussy:  bile43:  Honestly? I don’t remember what this book was about I just remember that it went off  bruh it was about privilege and proper use of it - you got yo homey rainbow fish ridin fly as fuck on the reef like ay wsup i’m rainbow fish i got these magic ass scales they fuckin tight huh? but instead of bein a lil bitch and flauntin it he gives a shiny scale to each dull fish and kept one for himself so they all had a special scale and looked fabulous as - it taught me that ...

This is a read-aloud of the children's book The Rainbow Fish, written by Marcus Pfister. In this story, the Rainbow Fish finds happiness by giving away his s.

Comics for teens

Books for Clever Girls: Graphic Novels & Comics for Teens/Young Women

Smile, 2015 The New York Times Best Sellers Paperback Graphic Books winner, Raina Telgemeier

The Giving Tree - Children's Book, Hardcover

The Giving Tree - Children's Book, Hardcover - Shel Silverstein - ranked 6 - Harper Collins

I have my moms original book from the 70s  which I plan on putting in a box frame in my daughter room

20 Best-Selling Children’s Books of All Time

I remember taking my 2 yr old daughter Andrea to see this movie when we lived in Great Falls, Montana. My baby Anna was 3 months old and we both slipped and fell in the snow! Anna, you were not hurt.I protected you with my heavy coat and arm.

17 Beloved Books & Why They Were Banned #refinery29  http://www.refinery29.com/2014/09/75056/most-popular-titles-banned-books-week-2014#slide6  Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. SeussPublished: 1960Banned: “Until as recently as 1991”Why: Remember that time when Sam I Am tried to seduce his friend? Me neither. But, the book was banned in California on accounts of “homosexual seduction.” It was also banned in China for “early Marxism” from 1965 until Dr. Seuss’ death in 1991.Quote: “I do not like ...

Can You Believe These Books Were Banned?

By Dr. Seuss Try as you might, you cannot resist Sam-I-Am and his green eggs and ham. This wacky rhyming classic is as fun now as it was the first time you read it.

James and the Giant Peach - 10 Classic Children's Book (& Some Movie) Themes

Classic Books That Every Kid Needs

Love You Forever - Robert Munsch. Probably my all time favorite book from my childhood.

I'll Love You Forever.The best book I have ever read to my son I cry everytime!

Best Books to Read with Your Kids from  #Parenting

The Best Books to Read With Your Kids

Where the Sidewalk ends - Shel Silverstein Unknown to me, but it still looks like a good book to read to children. Especially since they're poems, learning another language is more fun when it rhymes!

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

7 Favorite Children's Classics from Off the Shelf Readers

From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler -- a girl and her brother run away from home to live in the Metropolitan Museum of Art with little idea of the mystery and adventure that awaits. One of my favorite books I'm elementary school!