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Chuck Norris

A smattering of Chuck Norris jokes. I'd add "Chuck Norris doesn't go hunting. Hunting implies the possibility of failure. Chuck Norris goes killing.

I haven't laughed this hard all week. (Charlie says, "I'd hate to see what would happen if he chose Spock.")

My son loves Chuck Norris jokes. It's called Split Apple Rock! :) :) That's cool :) scissors vs rock.

THE bu(ザブ)  森本千絵さんが主宰するgoen°のザ・部長。  今回、初めての広告出演にも関わらず、名演技でワンテイクOKとなる。

THE bu(ザブ) 森本千絵さんが主宰するgoen°のザ・部長。 今回、初めての広告出演にも関わらず、名演技でワンテイクOKとなる。

This just makes me laugh

The 8 Funniest Dog Reactions Ever!

This was on the HGTV website and was posted by Briana Mowrey.  This is Payton Cosell Turner’s sticker wallpaper. Yayoi Kusama’s installation for the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. Children who visited the gallery were given stickers and encouraged to add them to the white walls.

One could create a sticker wall (large piece of wall board) in a child's bedroom and see the creativity explode! Better than limiting sticker books.

Oh Tim Tebow . . . You're so funny.

do you mean "ma'am", tim tebow? why yes, tebow, i do need jesus.