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by Jose Azevedo//illustrated sketchbook//

by Jose Azevedo//illustrated sketchbook//

Reality was the only thing that returned home...

Robe Of Dead Soldiers by artist Do-Ho Suh - Made of thousands of fallen soldiers dog tags! Beautiful and heartbreaking

A Lauren Clay sculpture for your daily dose of art -kind of thinking of doing this in a different way.....like!

Lauren clay--Popsicle Stick Sculpture Cool, both in colors and style!

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Peace: This tie-dye peace sign symbol is an enjoyable and awesome way to express one’s self.

Using humans as canvases. Amazing art by Alexa Meade

Using humans as canvases. Amazing art by Alexa Meade

5 x 7 inch print of my original ink and watercolor illustration.    I dont really know how it all fits, but I have been listening to a lot of

Love this ink and water color. I love the combination of the water color and ink. The water colors give it a soft look contrasting with the pen strokes.

Melted Crayon Art Project

Cool Art Projects Melted Umbrella Crayon Art With Silhouette White Crayon Art Canvas The Canvas Only Has The Crayon Drippings Black Crayon For Figure Of A Couple In The Rain Brick Walls Stunning Art Project Idea Home Decoration Furnitures