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the shield wrestling figures | ... & ROMAN REIGNS (THE SHIELD) WWE BATTLE PACKS 24 MATTEL TOY FIGURES

Seth rollins & roman reigns (the shield) wwe battle packs 24 mattel toy figures

the shield wrestling figures | T2eC16RHJHsFGk3f0)GgBSV,mdcQpQ~~60_35.JPG

Choose your the shield wwe mattel wrestling action figure loose dean seth roman

The rock & Roman Reins :)

The Rock & Roman Reigns these guys are actually cousins and related to the usos rikishi and Jimmy "Superfly" Snucka

Believe in Roman Reigns <3  I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forever and always!!!!!!

He whooped Bray Wyatts ass tonight my hubby and I had a blast finally see him give him the ass whooping he deserved

hahahahahahahahahahaha :))) its soooooooooo funny :)))) I can not control my laughter :)))))))))

hahahahahahahahahahaha :))) its soooooooooo funny :)))) I can not control my…

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

The Rock - WWE Champ and owner/operator of the "Smackdown Hotel.

the Brothers are finally Champions....... #STOKED

The Brothers are Finally Champions. The WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns & The Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose