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Linda casa da árvore

I want to live here! When l was a kid, I spent my life climbing trees. If my mum wanted me to come in for a meal, she would go out into the garden or the wood alongside our house and call up to the trees, in the expectation that I was up one of them.

Someday I'll live in a tree house and the birds will fly to me and land on my arms when I sing.

Just to clarify: My dream home isn't a tree house; my dream home would HAVE an awesome treehouse in the backyard.

One of our top #glampinggoals. Five thumbs up!

How could you not be at peace in a place like this? Amazing treehouse in Atlanta, Georgia. photo via lisa Hard to believe this is Atlanta, but it's gorgeous!

Moon to Moon: Awesome Tree Houses....

Treehouse in China by David Greenberg. David Greenberg is an artist and treehouse designer. This is one of the tree houses he designed in China

tree house in the garden

Dominique Lafourcade tree house - les Confines, Provence {I just want the treehouse platform in a more rustic garden.

Tree houses of the world…

Tree houses of the world

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sustainable tree house in west virginia // this is my Paradise home

A Donald Wexler-Designed Midcentury Home in Palm Springs Asks $599K