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In waves

MARCH are the worst days of the year. The pain isn't weaker,even after 2 yrs RIP love Fridah Munuve I miss you everyday.I wish you never how much am hurting.

Tears have been flowing out of these blue eyes of mine....

Rain falls because clouds can no longer handle the weight. Tears fall because the heart can no longer handle the pain. Rest in Peace

I'm tired of the grief of being lonely and my heartache, so have mercy on me Lord!

Today marks the 100 day of my baby girls death. conflicting emotions that make me sad and confused.

I am forever changed. kissed you goodbye and cried over how wonderful you are. Tear hear Eli sob so hard and yell for his mommy just break me apart. I am forever changed and I know you want me to forever be his rock. I promise I will . I promise

Loving and missing you always Kelly

“I’ll Be Waiting” Graphic, Dad, I read this and thought of you. Come see me, "I'll be waiting.