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UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Democrats Admit To Inciting Violence And 'Anarchy' At ...

An undercover investigation by Project Veritas is showing the dark underbelly of the Democratic campaign machine, and the depths to which some organizations .

It's in the part that protects others from cruel and unusual punishment. Women shouldn't be punished with a loss of their own privacy and respect by a cruel few who want to be perverts.

So you agree that it's a private property issue, and businesses should be able to decide to have genderless bathrooms? Or do you think the government should mandate that they be gender segregated?

Time to put an end to this cr@p. We need white history month and W.E.T White Entertainment Television.

Time to put an end to this cr We need white history month and W.T White Entertainment Television.

Sheriff David Clarke on Trump and his support for the police

Sheriff David Clarke on Trump and his support for the police

The traditional punishment for treason would seem fitting. ..

Again: Democrat Party Sends Out Frantic Email Over Obama Impeachment

Stunning Corruption – Explosive O’Keefe Video Being Blocked By Fearful Corporate Media…

In this video, James O'Keefe explains how the corporate media, including Fox News, are allowing themselves to be intimidated by the Clintons and the DNC and .

And, people will certainly vote for her. I don't understand. It's like some of us ENJOY being lied to, abused, cheated? Seriously?

I watched Meet the Press this morning. It was like a Hillary rally. It was a few people cheering for Hillary while knocking Trump. They didn't even pretend to be fair and balanced.

Julian Assange: Obama is a Liar, I Didn't Get Hillary's Emails From Russia - I Have The Truth

- Julian Assange Tells Hannity Absolutely All DNC Info Came From Their Source

Everybody Hates Hillary Clinton

Everybody Hates Hillary Clinton video. Who are all these people voting for her in the polls? And whats really sad is the majority of Americans are uniformed about Dr. Jill stein and the Green party as a electable candidate for the 2016 election.