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nokia_security_center_server_room.jpg (840×485)

Nokia has opened Nokia Security Center in Berlin, its advanced mobile broadband security complex


Infotech Lead India: HP has increased its SMB presence with new HP ProLiant servers.

Equinix completes first phase of fifth data center in Zurich

The cages housing customer equipment inside an Equinix data center in Ashburn, VA a hub of digital traffic flow.

Acer announces the Liquid Z410 smartphone with 4G ahead of CES - https://www.aivanet.com/2015/01/acer-announces-the-liquid-z410-smartphone-with-4g-ahead-of-ces/

Affordable Acer Liquid smartphone with SoC and LTE support announced at CES 2015

Blame it on spectrum! That’s been the alibi of telecom operators on many of the ills in the system, including the call drop menace. As India readies for the next round of airwaves auction — bigger than the $17-billion previous round — what does it herald? Stakeholders concede the next round of auction, which they

Will spectrum auction ultimately improve customer experience?

Highlights of new immigration bill for Indian IT industry

Highlights of new immigration bill for Indian IT industry

Vodafone India MD and CEO Marten Pieters

Vodafone India today said its CEO Marten Pieters has stepped down. The telecom operator’s COO Sunil Sood will be the new CEO.

The General Directorate of Civil Defence conducted a mock fire drill on Wednesday at the Ooreedoo building in Matar area

Ooredoo to expand network to 32 provinces in Algeria