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The soul

"If there is consciousness, there is a soul" THIS is such an accurately beautiful quote- all provides energy to the constant vibrational flow of the Universe

Amazing... People could learn something from these two.

Funny pictures about Blind dog with his own guide dog. Oh, and cool pics about Blind dog with his own guide dog. Also, Blind dog with his own guide dog.

elephant love

My heart just melted.elephants always break my heart.we treat them so shitty :( but I love them.this ELEPHANT can bring /Me.

Looking forward to the day!

As a Christian who has adopted a vegan diet, I& often asked how I reconcile veganism with the Judeo-Christian belief system. People frequently say & gave mankind animals as food,& or & intended for us to eat meat.& Do the Scriptures support those beliefs?

Elephant her baby chained up so that we can enjoy a Circus.

Shirley Groover Bryant: STOP the circuses - animals should NOT be used for our entertaiment!