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Overwatch Halloween - Dead Zenyatta | Polygon

Here are some screenshots of my contribution to our latest event : Overwatch - Halloween Terror! -=Full Credits=- Witch Mercy : This skin was definitely a team effort! Donald Phan​ did of the highpoly before I took over to finish it and did the

Worth It !

Worth It ! Thousand years of pain Worth It ! Thousand years of pain

Old Overwatch dump - Imgur

Old Overwatch dump

overwatch/// Awwww poor mercy she was left alone with the scariest thing in the planet a pack of bastions

Junkrat asking the real questions

Junkrat asking the real questions

overbutts: “ Ana ”

absurdres alternate_costume ana_(overwatch) belt coat glowing gun highres lens_flare looking_at_viewer mask night overwatch rifle sai_ichirou shrike_ana sniper_rifle snow snowing solo standing utility_belt weapon

Master of Harmony and Discord | also brb screaming

“ “Zenyatta would later consider Genji to be one of his brightest pupils.

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