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Melinda Gordon, Ghost Whisperer, Ghosts

If the song I sing to you, could fill your heart with joy I'd sing forever <3 I'm so having that song at our wedding! Joseph hates Full House... which probably means he won't know that the song is Uncle Jesse's. Win win! ;)

Full House

"If every word I said could make you laugh . I'd talk forever." Uncle Jesse & Becky - Full House Awwwww I still love this show:) It will always be the best show ever!

Ghost Whisperer, Ghosts

David can whisper in my ear anytime...no really anytime. Ooooooh my.

David Conrad- jim clancy the loving husband of melinda gordon.

David Conrad - Dream husband from the Ghost Whisperer. I want mine to be like him!!!!

David Conrad - Dream husband from the Ghost Whisperer


Ghost Whisperer - - First Do No Harm

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