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SAD, but true ~

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Her boyfriend and friends were assholes, that rapist is the piece of shit that comes out of them.

This girls message is so sad, and intolerable. Slut walk- society teaches don't get raped rather than don't rape.

North Korea: I will destroy America! Obama: Too late! hahahahah

North Korea wants to destroy America! Obama's laughing response "Too late!

That moment when you buy a hula hoop and it fits you.

Depression when you buy a hula hoop and it fits you . Makes me want a hula hoop so that I can feel good that I can actually use it haha

Ha ha ha.. Definatly not a mans man

Oh jeez, so true. There were a lot of guys I graduated high school with that had fathers who were lawyers. They dressed like this. Also, in college, frat boys.

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three words kit kat lasagna, one word diabetes dis bee us, the mustache actor Wilford Brimley , diabetes tv commercials, I'm still laughing.

like this alot

compliment little girls on their character, not their bodies. when you see a little girl don't tell her how pretty she looks, compliment her on something different. This goes for all people, not just little girls.

Mini Street Style Halloween edition: Forrest Gump and Lt. Dan

Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan! i'm dying! This is a must do halloween! (maybe toddler girl for mama, baby boy dan, and you forrest- .maybe, point being so many possibilities!

Tell em' Hillary!

Hilary Clinton is a strong role model in today's society when it comes to women and feminism. She declare that women's rights unfinished business of the century. She made this speech at the women's annual Women in World Summit April

They want to bring new world order to the land of the free, please Americans don't vote for her! She's funded by the bilderberg group and muslim brotherhood, they will be their puppets! She thinks sharia law is liberating for women, so much for women's rights! She left our HEROES to die in Benghazi, when she could have answered their calls for help; then lied about it, and continues to lie! She deleted emails pertaining to Benghazi and what was going on there, used her private server for…

This is the Clinton's All American Horror story. We have a drug company, we have the All American Horror Clinton's and a Senator who we didn.