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Spirit & Flesh - Bird of Paradise (Various Editorials)

Fine artworks created by Danish born fashion photographer, Torkil Gudnason.


Electric Blossom by Torkil Gudnason. Denmark-born photographer Torkil Gudnason came to the United States in 1978 and immediately began workin.

Pink wall in a desert garden - Wild garden with cactus

What Do You Daydream About?

お父さん、ハーフの孫ができました - 花のない花屋 - Asahi Shimbun Digital[and]

お父さん、ハーフの孫ができました - 花のない花屋 - Asahi Shimbun Digital[and]

Fantasy Island Floral  - 24" x 44" PANEL - Quilt Fabrics from www.eQuilter.com

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Throughout the years, botanical artist Makoto Azuma has consistently looked for new ways to explore the beauty of plants like flowers and bonsai by placing them in incredibly unique settings. In the past, he has frozen and suspended bonsai trees, submerged them underwater, and even launched bonsai and flowers into space. His latest exhibition, Ice Flowers, offers a distinctive look at the changed life cycles of flower bouquets that have been encased in blocks of ice.

Beautiful Flower Bouquets Frozen in Blocks of Ice by Makoto Azuma

Floral and tropical pattern. Summer mood | tr-artwork

juicycouture: “ This dreamy tropical print makes us want to pack our bags with warm weather florals and head somewhere exotic… ”