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Shave off the annoying (but natural) pills. | 22 Ways To Keep All Of Your Cold Weather Gear Clean

22 Ways To Keep All Of Your Cold Weather Gear Clean

Shaving your sweaters to remove pills. It works! And saves your sweaters. Maybe even work on diapers?

Vinegar is a homekeeping multitasker! It can whiten your white laundry, wash your windows and mirrors, drive out pests, eliminate odors, remove stains, and more.

20 Unexpected Ways to Use Vinegar Around the House

[All-Natural Ant Repellent] Pour equal amounts of water and white vinegar into a spray bottle, and shake to mix. Then spritz the solution in water-resistant areas where ants are common, indoors & out. From Martha Stewart Home & Garden

Make your own Mosquito repellent with some essential oils and witch hazel.

DIY bug spray idea : essential oils (citronella and lemongrass are musts, I also like lavender or you could use tea tree oil or geranium oil for tick protection), 14 oz. bottle of witch hazel

10 Natural DIY Air Fresheners That Will Make Your Home & RV Smell Amazing

10 All Natural DIY Air Fresheners For Your Home & RV

Williams Sonoma Recipe to make your house smell wonderful. Fill a small small stockpot with water, 1 sliced lemon, a few sprigs of rosemary, and tsp vanilla extract. Simmer all day, adding water as needed. Can be used for about two days.

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Looking for tips on permanent marker removal? Removing permanent markPut a dab of white toothpaste on the marker. Then rub like crazy with a damp washcloth or paper towel. (I like to use my microfiber cloth.

10 reasons to use vinegar in your laundry: 1.brightens clothes 2.removes odors 3.removes perspiratrion stains 4.use as fabric softener 5.removes rain residue from shoes 6.cleans washer 7.whitens whites (1/2 c to boiling water - add clothes and soak overnight) 8.cleans iron 9.removes residue from towels so they r more absorbant 10.removes bbq, ketchup, mustard, and spaghetti stains

10 Reasons To Use Vinegar in Your Laundry

Substitute floor cleaner -  Try Listerine mouthwash if you’re out of floor cleaner. Add a capful to a gallon of water and mop vinyl or tile—but not wood—floors with the mixture. The same product that kills bad-breath germs also zaps the gunk beneath your feet.

Use Listerine as Mosquito Spray: @ deck party bugs were awful! Man @ Party Sprayed the Lawn & Deck with Listerine, & little demons disappeared. Next time I filled a Spray Bottle & Used it whenever I saw mosquitoes. And voila! That worked!

Remove labels sticky residue by using two ingredients in your pantry: Vegetable oil + baking soda! Do equal measures of each, mix, apply to jar thickly on residue, leave for 10 mins, then wash off!

Remove sticky label residue with equal parts vegetable oil and baking soda, mix, apply to jar thickly on residue and leave for 10 minutes then wash off


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