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Trick question, it's both

Top one BMC (Evan doesn't have a best friend you nut) Bottom is DEH (Jeremy doesn't get yelled at by someone with the same experiences, instead he gets bashed by his friend from suffering from something that his friend couldn't even grasp so don't even)

Humans Are Weird/Space Australia Food

Humans Are Weird/Space Australia Food we can eat things that are poisonous to other animals and aliens.

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My mom cried so hard during You Will Be Found when we saw it she was shaking. After it ended I get up to run down into the bathroom to beat lines and my dad goes "I'm sad now, that's my favorite song I have nothing to look forward to.

i really wish someone had added something about there being no post on sundays to this

Oh, Tumblr! xD

Hahaha I love when fandoms hijack posts. That Harry Potter reference doe

Props to who ever wrote this because I have been saying this for years!

So it does represent the Marauders Era and Draco has a massive crush on Harry.I hope you saw this coming

Except Mcgonagall was a registered animagus, so Umbridge would know what she looked like in cat form-the ministry had it on record.

The only people who really understand Eve after the war.

Them talking to Eve after the coma and making sure that she’s okay, and not going to try and use her powers for a long time.