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Good lookin' Elton John in a Watford t-shirt

Elton John returns from America to announce that he is back in Britain for good. Elton said "I'm staying in Britain. There is nowhere like Britain and I will pay through the nose to live here" He went onto say "You can't be a slave to money.

Elton John, 1970s

All the words and the story behind this major hit song and many others are here.

Elton John

Pictured: The world's biggest music stars when they were young

Some are bare-faced, smiling innocently for high school class graduation photos.

Global superstar singer Elton John became Chairman of Watford in the late

Elton John Who Is Chairman Of Watford F.c. Pictured At Vicarage Road. 8 Nov 1988

Elton John Who Is Chairman Of Watford F. Pictured At Vicarage Road.

Elton signing for young fans

Elton signing for young fans 💘

Elton John --- Gifted!

Elton at home in stars and stripes glasses and matching suit, designed by Tommy Nutter, 1974

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