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*cough cough* dodge ball *cough cough* me and my friend just throw the ball at each other at the same time then ate like oops I'm out sorry then laugh the rest of gym class

✝Pinterest: @badgalronnie ✝

28 Pictures That Will Make Retail Workers Laugh Harder Than They Should

Hahahaha so glad Swanson no longer has slides

So just yesterday I was at the pool and I was waiting for the lifeguard to say I could go and He does his with his thumb and pointer and I didn't understand so when I just stared at him for like 5 minutes he just pushed me I was so proud.

My life in Math and every single other subject, so I just stop raising my hand

I'm like, "Um excuse me do you know the answer?"<< ya usually it's one of those that doesn't pay attention anyway and I'm just thinking "u wanna answer this question 4 me? Cash me ousside how bow dah"

prva otazka v teste

Funny photo of a Renaissance man making a funny face after reading the first question on a test