After reading Allegiant it took me 3 days to stop crying whenever I thought about the book. No joke

True story though! - Divergent - insurgent - Allegiant - Tobias - tris - dauntless the sad sad depressing truth of that last book

This is why you never insult ToG

Reminds me of ACOWAR where Rhys asks Feyre if she crushed Ianthe's hand and Feyre replies sweetly, "she fell.

This was actually the exact opposite my friend took me to the movie and I had never read the book before but I wouldn't shut up she had to tell me to stop asking questions about the movie and I like tell IN LOVE with the movie and now I gotta read the books!

It's like me trying to get skyler to read the matched series I tried to get her to read divergent and she was like nooooo but then we saw the movie and she was like oh I'm so reading this like totally yeah I'll read this yep

WARNING: Spoiler for the ending of the Divergent Series!!!  The stages of grieving Tris' death.

WARNING: Spoiler for the ending of the Divergent Series! The stages of grieving Tris' death.<<<<<<Also can we note that she is texting CHRISTINE umm Tobias is not single anymore fake fans. Revenge on Tris for killing Will.

I love Tobias! But I honestly don't see what all  fuss is about over Theo. That's not how I pictured Four at all!

(Even though I have not read the divergent series this is really funny! You are not allowed to think it's funny if you have not read and cried through the books!

Every day

allegiant quote I just finished Allegiant today and I balled so much I am just like emotionally drained

The child that died. The mother that tried. The father's last ride. The one that survived << it should be the mother that cried

{videoedits} 💗 “Peter❤️” . . . Ac; yt D

{videoedits} 💗 “Peter❤️” . . . Ac; yt D