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On one hand this is terrible, but on the other hand I could definitely do this for the next Sunday school test

I'm actually crying. Why is it so hard for adults to accept this if ten year olds can? <<< Why is this an abnormally beautiful story? Thinking like this should be the norm

I don't play video games that often, but I would play the beast out of this game!

10/10 would play this…

I don't play video games that often, but I would play the beast out of this game!<------ writing a book based off of this concept.


This might be something my grandmother would do. Yelling the same thing XD

Holy crap!

This speaks to me on a number of spiritual levels and am i the only one who's noticed tht any teacher who's actually attractive in any way is always married?

This legit brought tears to my eyes. I'm so happy for her

This legit brought tears to my eyes. finding out at age 60 that ypure asexual.

100% accurate

you should be more worried about getting knocked out in one punch (king hit) by someone named dane in a singlet from the company bintang than any of the spiders bro ;

I need new wickedly cool internet friends. Don't be shy. If you talk to me I will love you forever

This is actually a really fantastic social experiment. If you have a generic haircut and color and fashionable or nice clothes and you pretend you're famous, people will believe it.

Holy heck I’m eating ramen and just started choking at “Adam sandler and eve”

Even back then people were more accepting than now.and the comedians thing is ridiculous but WHY ARE WE SO. we can't figure out how pyramids were made (not exactly) and now this? (There are other examples)

Actually me. When we do the mile on gym imma bring my phone (cuz we're allowed to listen to music when we run the mile) and just blast Fall Out Boy and Panic! And scream the lyrics that nobody else can here cuz earbuds and crap and look stupid

The gym teacher I had these past two years would always play FOB, and it made gym class so much better

pιnтereѕт: aυвrιanneĸe

excuse the language, but this made me laugh so hard XD <<<this is literally me when I'm on my period.