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sound and firefly

sound controlled model in Grasshopper on Vimeo

Fabrick by Bartlett School of Architecture

Fabrick felt composite can be moulded into self-supporting chairs

Virtusphere Home page, how much fun would this be :)

Oh my goodness. Can you imagine this? Virtusphere allows users to become completely immersed in their interactive virtual environment. And with the cool headgear that you can see all around and stuff that wold be fun


Grasshopper Canvas with Kinect Interaction: Part 2

How generate my star shape on a hexagonal grid? – Grasshopper

Hi,as a beginner this is my first question here I designed a starshape in a hexagon cell and i want to duplicate that based on center point to another hexagona…

Misri|Arch470|UMD: Grasshopper Paneling Systems

For this exercise, I was very interested in seeing how thicknesses in the module/geometry affected how the different shapes meshed toget.

Voronoi Delaunay Tessellation – Grasshopper

Voronoi Delaunay Tessellation – Grasshopper