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@jasminrshanice this would definitely be us if I decided not to follow u to the dark side as ur minion XD

The best of Frienemies (honestly sounds like the Master and the Doctor)<<<< Nimona is a good example of this

Ideas motivation talent

Yup pretty much

Lightening can be very powerful and can leap from a storm to 20+ miles away. This is why if you can hear thunder, even barely, you are within range of a strike. Strikes can be survivable, but only if rapid cardio version is available and supportive Cardiac drugs. Also how the stroke entered and exited the body and what damage occurred enroute. Rainbows  maybe God's Promise, but he  isn't promising free entry. He judges worthiness first. Purgatory before reward.

Lightening can leap from a storm miles away. If you hear thunder, you're within range of a strike. Survival depends on rapid medical attention and cardiac drugs.



Well that's okay, Albus and Severus weren't the bravest men Harry knew either

Caption involving something about Tumblr - Imgur

Caption involving something about Tumblr

My parents would probably kill me if I did that in church. XD But it would be WORTH IT.>>> I love Bo Burnham

As someone who plays music I stared at this for a second trying to figure out why they gave them a forté (Professor wants her/him to be louder? He thinks they excel? What?) Before it snapped. (BTW he curved her grade by making it a "curvy f")

"Curved" grade, but really it's just the forte symbol instead of f haha